• Kate

Meditate or journal?

Against all common wisdom, most days I blurt my thoughts and frustrations into my journal before turning inward in meditation.

Most gurus advise us to slow down and still with meditation before writing, so that we focus on what is moving us.

I find that when I clear my mind of all my worries and fleeting ideas, my to-do list and bodily woes, I meditate with more focus and serenity. My mind doesn't sabotage my stillness and silence.

Of course, I nearly always journal with a clearer mind after meditating as well, both about the meditation and to plumb the depths of my intentions for the day to come, and my reflections about the day just past.

At times, my journaling is my meditation. It stills my mind, calms my emotions and relaxes my body.

Journaling brings balance and a sense of spaciousness to my life, with and without the practice of meditation.

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