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Many years ago when I was knee-deep in small children, full-time work, and managing business some perceptive person gave me a copy of Sarah Ban Breathnach's A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. It revolutionised my attitude to the avalanche of work I faced each day.

Keep a list of five things you are grateful for each day, Sarah recommended. That helped me still for a few moments at the end each day and remember my blessings: my children transforming from babies to toddlers to school children as fast as I could feed them; my clients and patients' dramas and wins; the beautiful places I passed each day on my way to farm calls.

As the children and the business grew, I had more time to return to my usual journal, but I have kept the habit of listing five little things I am grateful for each day.

My tips:

  1. Be specific. Instead of being thankful for good health, be thankful your knee, so sore yesterday, is ready to hike today

  2. Pay attention. Be ready to pounce on something you can record later. You'll find more and more to be thankful for, even when you are feeling down. Keep your eyes open for the good, not the discouraging, and change the way you view the world

  3. Write five different things each day. You will be surprised how much you find and how aware of the good things in your life you become after a few weeks. Humans tend to forget the positive things and remember the negative and depressing. You will feel much happier when you let the things that delight you predominate. You actually train your mind to see the good before the bad.

Jean-Baptiste Massieu said "gratitude is the heart's memory." Gratitude gives life meaning and makes it more satisfying.

It puts life in perspective. Who knows what this year will bring? Let's love our lives today.

A few things I've been grateful for this month

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