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Dream and plan

Every dream I've ever had has started with coffee and a notebook. Move from my hometown to the city? Explore Sicily? Open a new business? Plan a bathroom renovation? They all started in my journal.

I'm a brain-stormer who just scribbles as the ideas arise. Sometimes lists of options form. Sometimes mind-maps of connected thoughts emerge.

If I'm unhappy with the furniture placement in my lounge room I take a pencil, draw a mud-map and try a few different configurations. If I hate the furniture, I print or cut out possibilities and paste them in my journal.

Holiday plans take up a lot of space in my journal, especially now we cannot actually travel! Every now and then I write a bucket list of destinations. I pick a few geographically close ones and work out an itinerary. Rome2Rio is my route planning friend, while any accommodation app gives me an idea of the costs of staying in various towns and cities. Spending a morning dreaming is almost as good as going there.

I make every major decision in my life in my journal first. When we bought this little house on the edge of the city, I'd already spent over a year debating the pros and cons of moving, taking out another mortgage, and the location of our ideal home. And that was before we decided on its non-negotiable features.

In our journals we can be uninhibited. We can try all sorts of configurations and possibilities. In its pages we find what we truly want, and the pros and cons of every decision.

Some of my feathered neighbours

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