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Get those creative juices flowing

Any creative will find journaling useful - and aren't we all creatives?

Writers, designers, artists, managers, gardeners, cooks, travelers, whoever makes or plans something is a creative.

A journal is a safe and readily available place to brainstorm ideas, record insights and jot down thoughts before they evaporate.

When I am contemplating a project I sketch it out in my journal. The project might be a blog, book, holiday, trek, business plan or vegetable garden.

Next I free-write my hopes and fears for it. Getting my fears out on the page helps me to see them objectively and decide if they are well-founded or just my inner critic in overdrive.

Then I am ready to set goals and make an overall plan.

Artists, even amateur ones, designers and writers especially value journals for developing their skills. When no one will see your practise runs and nothing is wrong or bad, you are free to play and try all sorts of different techniques. You are in a safe place in your journal. Have a look at some pages from my very amateur art journal below .

Julia Cameron famously advocates morning pages in The Artist's Way as a way to stimulate creativity. Before you get down to work, play or business, write three pages of whatever rises to the surface. Don't worry about spelling, grammar or content. Just let it all hang out. Free your mind to think creatively. As Julia says: "the creative process is a process of surrender, not control."

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