• Kate

A pause in the day

After I've dumped everything I've done and felt on a particular day into my journal, I sit back and reflect on it. My pen moves almost of its on accord across the page as I dive into the depths of my responses to situations and people in my day.

It's amazing how the true meaning of a situation or interaction with a person becomes clear once I dive beneath the turbid surface of my mind. It gives me a chance to re-calibrate my responses to them, and perhaps pause before reacting next time.

I also find it helpful to retrieve the people, things and places I am thankful for. Gratitude refocuses the mind away from the difficult parts and people of the day and leaves me positive and eager for a fresh start.

Journaling gives a better understanding of my thought processes. When I put distance between myself and my reactions, I begin to understand the triggers for them.

Writing also gives me a chance to short circuit the thought patterns that keep coming back over and over again.

The days pass so quickly and the meaning of them is lost if we don't take the time to explore them at the time.

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