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Let's get started - what do I need?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It's easy really! A pen and paper or a journaling app will give you a place to start. Having said that there are as many places and implements for journaling as there are journalers.

On my 10th birthday my mother gave me a little blue diary with a lock. This kick-started a daily writing habit that has lasted off and on all of my life. I wrote with a pencil back then. Now I write, draw and doodle in a Visual art journal using pens, pencils, markers, paints or whatever comes to hand. I also keep a computer-based journal that records my progress, frustrations and hopes for my writing.

Online you will find a myriad empty journals and fancy pens. If you like structure then a lined notebook or a journal with prompts is for you. I like venturing out each morning onto a blank, unlined page. Sometimes words express my thoughts and feelings best. At other times an image, a collage, a mandala, a drawing, or a splash of paint capture my mood.

I like a journal that opens flat so that the binding doesn't get in my way. Journal writing guru Ira Progoff recommends a loose-leaf folder with dividers between various types of writing. This type of journal allows you to take paper with you and write wherever you are.

Don't spend a fortune on a notebook. Experiment with them until you find what suits you.

Writing in an app allows you to password protect your words if security is of number one importance to you or if you want ultimate portability, especially when traveling. Currently I prefer the clean lines of

Other apps popular at the moment include:

  • Day One for Mac and iOS users

  • Diarium for Windows users

  • Penzu especially if you want very a secure journal

  • Journey works on all platforms

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