Getting started

New to journaling?

Read on to find out the basics and enter the exciting world of writing a journal

  • First of all find a quiet place where you  can relax and write without interruption. As you keep coming back to it, you will enter a space of reflection and focus automatically

  • Make a time you know will work for you on most days. In the morning you may be fresh, remember dreams, and anticipate the day. In the evening you might reflect on your day and set goals for the next day. You might write daily or weekly on a particular day at a certain time. The journal might also only cover a period of your life, like a journey or a retreat or a course

  • Decide whether you will write on a device or on paper. Choose a journal you love and is special - or one that you don't mind spoiling

  • If using paper find a pen that runs smoothly and feels like an extension of your arm. Add pencils, colour and highlighters to your armoury as the spirit takes you